VCS 1.13.2 released

A new update of VCS with a couple bugfixes is available to download. Once again, if you had problems with the previous versions there's nothing new.

It fixes a bug when using MPlayer as capturer that could produce one more capture than expected. Thanks to Miya for reporting it.

See the full changelog for more details.

vcs 1.13.2 (script only)
or (script, sample configuration, manpage and profiles)
deb, rpm, PKGBUILD & bz2
as usual at

6 thoughts on “VCS 1.13.2 released

  1. Pär says:

    Nice script. :)

    One thing, the dark/blank frame guessing thingy needs to be an option. I have to resort to black magic here, using two versions of the script, one with the setting and one without, plus a symlink to each one so I can just type vcs or vcsnb when I want to use one or the other.

    I use the –manual option together with the -S option to grab precisely those frames I want (no, I don't type it all, I use my own Python script). In other words, vcs shouldn't interfere when in –manual mode. It should assume that the user wants the frames listed on the command line, even though they might be too dark/blank for its taste. ;)

    Of course, I _could_ use VLC to grab exactly the frames I want and assemble an index of those frames, but what's the fun in that? ;)

    Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Toni Corvera says:

    Good points. I'll add both (an option to disable blank frame evasion and disable it automatically on manual captures) in the next update. Thanks for your comment :)

  3. Dougn Redhammer says:

    Hey Toni any chance of their being an option to use both libav and ffmpeg?

  4. Chris Hills says:

    Thank you for your continued work on this project.

    Is there a way to make the output image maintain the path of the video? For example, if I run `vcs-1.13.2.bash ./folder/video.avi` then the image will be written to ./video.avi.jpg instead of ./folder/video.avi.jpg. I would prefer to avoid using an additional script to launch vcs.

  5. Toni Corvera says:

    Not directly. It will by default output to the current directory.

    However, you can use the '--output' option:

    $ vcs-1.13.2.bash ./folder/video.avi -o ./folder/video.avi.jpg

    A bit too verbose I know :P
    You may wrap that in a script for a more terse command-line, of course.

    Thank you for your interest :)

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