VCS update 2008-04-16: 1.0.12 released

New version released, it fixes highlights, which were broken in the last version and a couple of long-standing cosmetic bugs.

Also now requires minimum length before using the "end offset" i.e.: will only ignore a bit off the end of the video
if it's long enough, by default 19'30" (the default value was chosen based on the fact that most series are at least 20' long,
and since the automatic end offset is intended to skip credits, it's most useful with series and films). Your input is welcome
as always.

To change the minimum length set the desired value to variable MIN_LENGTH_FOR_END_OFFSET in your configuration file, e.g.:
echo MIN_LENGTH_FOR_END_OFFSET=\'1h30m\' >> ~/.vcs.conf # for 1h 30'

I just noticed a bug while editing this page :/ and it's been there for quite awhile… great… whatever, most probably few people, if anyone
suffered it, since it required a pretty specific timestamp format being used in the command-line.

Finally I've also re-added the black border after the highlights, which was removed a long time ago due to it breaking vcs back then.

See the changelog as usual for full details.

VCS update 2008-04-08: 1.0.11 released

New version released with a couple fixes and cosmetic touches.

Fixes include a workaround for cases in which mplayer outputted all-black (or all-equal) captures. Also slightly better
support for older/tighter systems (e.g. Damn Small Linux).

Most notably in the cosmetic side is better thumbnail alignment in extended mode (-e), slightly less padded captures and drop of milliseconds
when using mplayer (since they aren't meaningful at all).

See the changelog as usual for full details and credits.

I'm also providing a debian package now.

I was holding off a bit this release since there's still some known stuff to fix or refine but I'll rather publish now what I've
since, well, who knows when will be the next release 😉

Important note: this version's support for highlights (-l) is broken,
This version is deprecated for this reason, use the last version instead.
I'll update ASAP but if you need them
(does anyone use them anyway?) please use 1.0.10.