Month: April 2008

VCS update 2008-04-16: 1.0.12 released

New version released, it fixes highlights, which were broken in the last version and a couple of long-standing cosmetic bugs. Also now requires minimum length before using the "end offset" i.e.: will only ignore a bit off the end of the video if it's long enough, by default 19'30" (the default value was chosen based […]

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VCS update 2008-04-08: 1.0.11 released

New version released with a couple fixes and cosmetic touches. Fixes include a workaround for cases in which mplayer outputted all-black (or all-equal) captures. Also slightly better support for older/tighter systems (e.g. Damn Small Linux). Most notably in the cosmetic side is better thumbnail alignment in extended mode (-e), slightly less padded captures and drop […]

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