Month: April 2009

nautilus-folow-symlink 1.1 released

There's a refreshed version of nautilus-follow-symlink. Nothing new (after all there's little to be added), but I'm finally letting GNOME set the icon instead of force-feeding it, so it should, hopefully, display an icon matching the user-chosen theme. And it should also be friendlier to build.

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mp3plot 0.5.1 released

mp3plot 0.5.1 is out, I've finally got a graphical output I sort of like and fixed some bugs, see the changelog for details. The older colourscheme is still available as an option (–old-colorscheme)

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VCS 1.0.100a released

I've published a snapshot of VCS in the state I commented in the last post, i.e. it works on FreeBSD and possibly more OSes than before, but output is less refined there. But since I've been a bit sidetracked I've opted to publish now and update later on 😛

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