Month: October 2013

Copying EXIF metadata between files

This tip might be useful for those cases when an editor ignores a photo meta-information (which seems fairly common in phones). $ exiftool -TagsFromFile source.jpg target.jpg or $ exiv2 ex -e e source.jpg  # Extraction. Also $ exiftool -exif -b source.jpg > source.exv $ mv source.exv target.exv  # Names must match $ exiv2 in -i e target.jpg  # […]

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Relevation 1.2 released

Next release (1.2.1) announcement I've just published a new version of Relevation. The biggest change is that it can now combine search terms, useful to reduce the number of results when you've got multiple similar logins alike. Check the updated man page for more details. There's also a couple of small but important bugfixes. See […]

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New tool release: Quick File Share for Android

I've published my second android app, a bit more useful than the first one (and also more prone to be a source of problems :P). Quick File Share is meant to ease file sharing between devices by using a Wi-Fi network. Sharing content between Androids sucks: you can use bluetooth for a painfully slow experience […]

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