Privacy Policy

This is a work in progress.

The software running site logs visits. Logs include visitors' IP addresses and browser User-Agents.

This site runs on WordPress. Privacy-offending site add-ons are blocked by WP DoNotTrack.

This site runs no advertising and no marketing-related tracking code.


What are cookies.

As per European law, this site is required to inform visitors of the use of cookies.

This site stores statistical cookies on your computer as part of spam prevention and to better understand the ways in which visitors use the site. No personally identifiable information is obtained through those cookies.

More information about the EU normative on cookies:

First party cookies

These are the cookies set by this site:

Statistical: Used as part of the anti-spammer screening. Stores IP address and last visit time.
Session cookie: Deleted when the browser is closed.
Specific information

Third party cookies

Third party cookies are also set by Twitter.

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