Relevation 1.3.1 released

A small update to Relevation, to ease usage on contemporary systems it's now running on Python 3. Hopefully I didn't break it since I'm not used to Python 3.

No other big changes, just some internal ones.

Relevation 1.3.1
or (zip includes PDF and HTML manpage)

Debian users can use my apt repository located at Instructions are provided there.

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2 thoughts on “Relevation 1.3.1 released”

  1. Thanks a lot – you saved my life! 🙂 Ok, that's too much drama, but I'm very happy that I can read my revelation password files with your nice tool, now that Ubuntu has kicked out revelation of their repositories.

    1. I'm glad it's of use. I'm in the same situation now that Revelation is out of the Debian repository too. I'm also using Revelation under Docker and my own replacement app (not yet released) to keep using my passwords file since I really like the simple approach Revelation used.

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