VCS update 2008-04-08: 1.0.11 released

New version released with a couple fixes and cosmetic touches.

Fixes include a workaround for cases in which mplayer outputted all-black (or all-equal) captures. Also slightly better
support for older/tighter systems (e.g. Damn Small Linux).

Most notably in the cosmetic side is better thumbnail alignment in extended mode (-e), slightly less padded captures and drop of milliseconds
when using mplayer (since they aren't meaningful at all).

See the changelog as usual for full details and credits.

I'm also providing a debian package now.

I was holding off a bit this release since there's still some known stuff to fix or refine but I'll rather publish now what I've
since, well, who knows when will be the next release 😉

Important note: this version's support for highlights (-l) is broken,
This version is deprecated for this reason, use the last version instead.
I'll update ASAP but if you need them
(does anyone use them anyway?) please use 1.0.10.