Relevation 1.1 released

Next release (1.2) announcement A small update for Relevation. It will now handle wrong passwords a bit more gracefully and it's also easier to use on Windows now. Full list of changes: Support cryptopy if PyCrypto is not available. Enhances cross-platform support. Print an error message if the decryption produced wrong data (normally caused by […]

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New tool released: Relevation

Next release (1.1) announcement I've just published a new tool I named 'Relevation'. It's a command-line tool to access the passwords stored with the excellent Revelation Password Manager, which only provides a graphical interface. I've been using the basis of my new tool on my computers for more than 4 years now and decided I […]

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nautilus-folow-symlink 1.1 released

There's a refreshed version of nautilus-follow-symlink. Nothing new (after all there's little to be added), but I'm finally letting GNOME set the icon instead of force-feeding it, so it should, hopefully, display an icon matching the user-chosen theme. And it should also be friendlier to build.

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