Refreshed mp3plot's Debian Sid packages

I've just refreshed the Debian Sid packages for mp3plot with the newer dependencies. They're just re-built packages, nothing else changed.

The new packages can, as always, be found at mp3plot's site.

Also, I missed this one but FreeBSD's included version got up-to-date a mere ten days after the last release.

Documentation wiki is live

I've finally open access to the documentation wiki for vcs (and also mp3plot and nautilus-follow-symlink). It's far from complete, with a lot of stuff to add, but I'm moving there all documentation progressively so there's the place to look for help.

I started using MediaWiki but later scaled back to DokuWiki.

mp3plot 0.6.0 released

mp3plot 0.6.0 is out. It started as a bugfix release for a nasty bug when dealing with free-format or broken files (reported by Tricky Trix, thanks pal 🙂 ) and eventually led me to (finally) implement support for "MP1" (MPEG-1 Layer I), "MP2" (MPEG-1 Layer II) and all three layers of MPEG-2. Such files can be found sometimes as disguised mp3s so this should be useful.

Also some other fixes including longstanding (brown paper bag) bugs. There's no doubt more of them in there, so report if you find something weird.

So in short previous versions should be ditched in favour of this one 😛

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