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VCS 1.13.2 released

Next release (1.13.3) announcement A new update of VCS with a couple bugfixes is available to download. Once again, if you had problems with the previous versions there's nothing new. It fixes a bug when using MPlayer as capturer that could produce one more capture than expected. Thanks to Miya for reporting it. See the […]

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VCS 1.13.1 released

Next release (1.13.2) announcement A minor update of vcs is available to download. In short, if you don't use Arch and you had no problems running it there's no need to update. It fixes an uncommon bug and updates the build script for Arch Linux. Thanks to Eris Belew for reporting these. See the full […]

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VCS 1.13 released

Next release (1.13.1) announcement An updated version of vcs is available to download. Shame on me for the long wait since this has been pretty much completed for months. The biggest change this time is the "blank frame avoidance" feature, with which (mostly) blank frames will not be captured, if possible, this is one of […]

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