VCS 1.0.99 released

New version released, finally implementing DVD support (both ISO and DVD devices should work).
Also JPEG 2000 output, a more Polaroid™-like

polaroid mode 😉 (the older one has been renamed to photos); the timestamp is now reduced
for smaller captures plus the usual batch of fixes/tweaks.


Capturing from DVDs is a bit tricky, the filename is passed as an argument to -V while
the title number must be provided as if it were the file to capture, e.g.: $ vcs -V /dev/dvd 1

will capture the first title from the inserted DVD.

Passing 0 as DVD title will use the longest title in the disc (which is usually the main title):
$ vcs -V someiso.iso 0

DVD support *requires* lsdvd and fdisk (fdisk is used to detect the size of DVDs)
in this first version.

JPEG 2000

JPEG 2000 output (*.jp2 files) is used by passing the -j2 or --jpeg 2

New polaroid mode

As for bugfixes: I finally came across the previously unreproducible bug that made the polaroid
and overlap modes place all images on the same spot. Guess it was a problem with a newer version of
ImageMagick since I've also encountered a lot of problems with some of the commands I was using.
I've fixed all I was able to find.
As a side effect, I've reworked once again the alignment of the different sheets.

This will be renamed as 1.1.0 if it works well enough for others.