Native flash plugin in 64 bits, Debian package

Adobe has had an awful track record with their Flash plugin as far as 64bits support go, forcing us to use 32 bits plugins. But since some time ago they re-booted their efforts with the Flash Player "Square" project, gaining *native* 64bits support in Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, albeit in a parallel unofficial developer release.

For those of you using Debian, Ubuntu or derivatives on the amd64 platform, I'm sharing here my packaging script which will generate a DEB package that should install (and uninstall) cleanly. I won't be sharing binary packages since this is non-free stuff but it should be easy enough to create them following these instructions.


This should generate a package named "mozilla-flashplugin-square-nonfree_10.3.d162.p3-out.1_amd64.deb", which you can install with 'dpkg -i'.

The plugin should be loaded on the next start of Firefox/Iceweasel, Mozilla/IceApe, Google Chrome, etc.