VCS 1.13.3 released

The latest version of VCS is available to download.
It's been a good while since the last release, but there aren't a lot of changes this time around, apart from the usual bugfixes there's better handling of errors and unsupported files.

The most important bug fixed is obviously the one I already previewed some days ago. The header was being cropped with current-day ImageMagick, and that problem should be gone.

See the full changelog for more details.

vcs 1.13.3
vcs-1.13.3.gz (script only)
vcs-1.13.3.tar.gz (script, sample configuration, manpage and profiles)
deb, rpm, PKGBUILD & xz
as usual at

11 thoughts on “VCS 1.13.3 released

  1. Chris Hills says:

    Thanks for fixing the bug where it would not save the output file if the input filename contained an apostrophe. I just have one niggle:-

    tput: unknown terminal "pc3"

    This does not seem to cause any problems.

  2. Toni Corvera says:

    Hi Chris, this is likely a side effect of the tput error you mentioned. While I look into it you may run vcs like:
    TERM=xterm vcs ...
    which should work.

    May you tell me what OS and OS version you're running vcs on?

  3. Manfred says:

    Hi Tony,

    I've been using VCS for some time now, and it has worked fine for me since.
    When upgrading my system to openSuSE Leap 42.3, VCS does not seem to honor -c anymore, generating one very wide image with captures next to each other…
    After some debugging I learned that bash now exposes $COLUMNS as an internal variable, interfering with the VCS $COLUMNS.
    replacing all 'COLUMNS' with 'USR_COLUMNS' in VCS solved the issue…

    best regards,

  4. Sam says:

    Hi Tony

    Very nice Script, I wasn't wondering if it's possible when running vcs to say something like vcs folder/path/*/*.avi and have it scan a folder/subfolders for .avi files and make thumbnails of them and output the thumbnail to the same folder?" Not sure how this can Be done if possib?

  5. Toni Corvera says:


    VCS will output to the directory it was called from. To recursively place the generated files on the same directory as the video file you'll have to wrap it into a script or command-line that traverses the directories you want.

    For example something like:

    $ find folder/path -type d -exec sh -c 'cd "{}" && vcs *.avi' \;

  6. Not Tellin says:

    Hey Toni!

    Can you please direct me to the best place to discuss VCS issues? I have a problem with certain videos and don't know where to ask for help. I'm happy to provide any debugging info required.

    Thank you for your fantastic script. 😀

  7. Jose Alonso says:

    Hi Tony,

    There is a minor rounding problem when the miliseconds of
    the time is 0.995 or above.

    [i] Generating capture #16/30 (03:09.17)…
    [i] Generating capture #17/30 (03:20.100)…
    [i] Generating capture #18/30 (03:32.82)…

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