Features to be removed from VCS

There's some features in vcs I plan to remove to ease working on it's absurdly big code. I haven't seen them used in the wild except long ago, plus in my samples and manuals by others. I'm calling for your opinion, however, to know for sure if I should actually remove them or not. Use the comments section below or, preferably, email me at outlyer@gmail.com.

Features marked for deletion:

2 thoughts on “Features to be removed from VCS

  1. dredhammer says:

    Its true i havent seen those two options used in a while but dvd i think should still be left in.

  2. Toni Corvera says:

    Sorry about the delayed comment approval, notification went missing.

    My main concern about DVD that it's becoming less and less used, and I haven't either seen VCS sheets from DVDs in… ever? Although maybe I haven't looked in the right place or they aren't being published

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